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Enhances Reselect selectors by wrapping createSelector and returning a memoized collection of selectors indexed with the cache key returned by a custom resolver function.

Useful to reduce selectors recalculation when the same selector is repeatedly called with one/few different arguments.


  • Measure selector recomputations across the app and identify performance bottlenecks
  • Check selector dependencies, inputs, outputs, and recomputations at any time with the chrome extension
  • Statically export a JSON representation of your selector graph for further analysis


Flipper plugin and the connect app for debugging selectors in React Native Apps.

Inspired by Reselect Tools, so it also has all functionality from this library and more, but only for React Native and Flipper.

  • Selectors Recomputations count in live time across the App for identify performance bottlenecks
  • Highlight most recomputed selectors
  • Dependency Graph
  • Search by Selectors Graph
  • Selectors Inputs
  • Selectors Output (In case if selector not dependent from external arguments)
  • Shows "Not Memoized (NM)" selectors